A Mental Health Day…Kind of

Day 326

I’m not sure yet how to title this.  I started thinking about this guitar yesterday when I looked at my calendar and saw NOTHING.  I shut down the computer, rebooted and looked again.  A free day.  Or, option B, I’ve forgotten something.  But the point is that I am free to build myself a fire and sit down and address Christmas cards.  So I have this notion of a fire.

It is warm this morning.  It looks grey and snizzely enough, but when I went out to get the wood to lay the fire – well, nope.  I can’t bring myself to strike the match.  It would be a waste of comfort, in a way, and I can’t do it.  There are few things that my psyche absolutely requires to stay on an even keel.  A guitar, books, paints, canvas, a pile of wool blankets and two cords of firewood.  Love, laughter, and animals and maybe coffee, water, and food.  Put them all in a pot and stir and it is life, perfected.  But in winter, the wool blankets and the cord wood always rise to the surface.  They can keep the rest warm…there is an actual process to all of this madness.

So I have to content myself with ashes.  I’m ok with that for now.  The genetic memory that exists within me that allows me to build a fire with a single match will not let me waste resources.  So maybe there will be another free day that is colder, and I won’t even have Christmas cards to do.  Perhaps then, I will read.

326_365 Guitars


It has been awhile since a new photo has come to my attention, but Mary posted this one this morning, and if I thought I wanted a Vespa, well, I’m rethinking…


Courtesy of Amazing Things in the World

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