Searching for Christmas

Day 327

So yesterday might be written off as a wasted day, on the one hand, but ultimately, no, it wasn’t.  I spent the day trying to get into Christmas.  Let me go on record as saying that I love the Christmas season, as represented from Advent through the Feast of the Three Kings, but oh man.  The further they push the retail expansion of the season, the more I want to escape the whole thing.  Or I will until I get that line of Happy Hollowthankkahmas cards up and running and just jump into the money making thing…but for the meantime, I can’t really wrap my head around being thankful for everything I have and going shopping for more stuff all in the same day.  I don’t do it, I don’t understand it, so I am a little dazed and confused when I should be anticipating the celebration of the birth of Christ.  Like him, hate him, believe in him or not, whenever it was that this child was born, he changed the world.  It is worth thinking about in quiet contemplation free from commercial interruptions.

I know people who will be surprised to see me write this.  I like to surprise people.  It can be a gift to them.

So, trying to recreate my earlier (in life, certainly not in this day) enthusiasm, I decided to start the decorating process.  This always begins with lights.  I like lights.  I like colored ones.  I have 500 miles of them in storage.  Apparently none of them work.  I put away only the ones that were lit at the end of last season.  Over the summer, carefully wrapped and hung, they expire, and bulbs are no longer replaceable.  No one tells you this.  So off I go into the retail fray.  I like to shop locally, so I over pay.  Happens every year.  I could get them for less – same lights, mind you, not some precious, locally crafted, organic version like we love to have here, but the same Chinese made imports – if I wanted to drive out of town a little, but hey, the local guys need to eat too.  So I present you with a guitar made of lights, that to the best of my knowledge will work, as well as a string that doesn’t.  You know them by the fact that one is still in packaging – and the other…not.

327_365 Guitars

Perhaps if I see colored lights when I get home tonight, I will feel a shred of holiday spirit.  I was shooting for a measure, or a modicum, but at the moment, will settle for a shred….needless to say I still have that whole card thing ahead of me…

One comment

  1. You must attend Chester River Chorale’s 2014 concert “A Chester River Holiday”. That guarantees to spark a spirit of Christmas in any Scrooge.

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