Not Exactly Altruism – But Close

Day 328

I remember fund raising at school.  It seems like it involved selling school supplies, mostly – Pee Chees (for those of you who have no idea what I just said:  The yellow Pee Chee All Season Portfolio is a common American stationery item in the second half of the 20th century, commonly used by students for storing school papers.)  And maybe pens.  Sometimes we would break bad and sell candy bars, but mostly that started later.  Cookies were completely sewn up by the Girl Scouts and it seems that Campfire Girls may have had mints or something.  I don’t remember.  I was never much for dressing in uniform and going door to door – and even less for hanging out in front of the IGA with a table full of expensive useless calories.  

Ah, but college.  Really, I thought that by the time I hit college those street beggar days would be behind me, but apparently, they are alive and well.  I am gratefully out of the sales loop except as a target audience that can be swayed by a close association with someone who sends me a sales pitch over the internet – an “invitation to join” the “event.” (So much for uniforms and taking it to the streets…) Ha!  But hey, if they will deliver…there is no way to say no.  There is only a hope and a prayer that I can figure out where I can take these things so that I don’t have them for dinner.  All of them.  Oh!  Yay!  Studio today.  They can go on the counter with the beautifully home baked goods Diana usually brings.  Her things freeze and taste good later.  Krispy Kremes – well, not so much…328_365 Guitars

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