Not Really Ready

Day 329

329_365 Guitars

This guitar is not really done.  I have all of these great plans to take the photo into one of those fancy apps and flatten the image and – oh, I don’t know, melt it a little à la Dalí – but life looks primed to interfere.  Today I go to fetch up a Christmas tree and wreaths and all of those happy accoutrements of the season.  Which means that I either post something and a thought, or I don’t get it done until late, at which point I do not trust life not to intervene (the more polite form of interfere) and perhaps prohibit the creation of today’s entry.  So, I will post the raw material of the thing.  If I can get to the transformation – I will post it too, but for the meantime, I have my fetish for color and glass all dressed in a construct…and in my head it is a different thing altogether…

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