Decoration Day

Day 330

Not exactly what would jump to my Grandmother’s mind – Decoration Day was the precursor to Memorial Day for her, and well, actually, Memorial Day remained Decoration Day for her always.

So no.  This is not the same thing at all.  Not busy keeping the memory of the Great War (WWI) alive while I’m winning trying to win my personal struggle against what has become of Christmas.  But it was a clear, crisp winter day yesterday, perfect for fetching up a tree and some wreaths and getting a little of the better parts of the season on a roll.  Who knows?  This week may bring actual shopping.  Maybe.  Maybe on line.  I am kind of running out of time…traditional crunch time.  The bottom line is that I’m sort of rising above my pre-holiday depression to try to grasp the feeling.  This is progress.  330_365 Guitars

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