Wet Snow Event

Day 333

There are forms of weather that drive me indoors – and heat with humidity will do that faster than any.  But snow?  It pulls me out of the house – I bundle up knowing full well that I will be overly warm and go out marching about like a German tourist in the Canary Islands.  Well, maybe not exactly like that in view that there is a whole lot more nudity involved in Canary Island tourism, but well, marching about purposefully, anyway.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Sleet (which I do NOT favor) becoming great fluffed up globs of snow – hard to call something that large a flake, really.  Something in me tells me that this much wet snow will be hard on the shrubberies – have to get out there with a broom and take some weight off, or suffer the consequence.  It is my go to excuse for going out, really…

But I had an actual errand.  I had tax forms that needed immediate attention and needed to be walked up to the mailbox.  Made me realize that I really did need to get some weight off the shrubs, and made me miss squeaky snow…the dry kind that packs horribly quickly on the deck if you don’t keep it away from the door.  That, I suppose, is my go to dry snow excuse for going out.  I will shovel or sweep snow any time.  It may be that I really am not quite right in the head.  Hmmm.

Wet leaves are more accommodating than dry, as it happens.  And sawtooth oaks lose leaves that retain color quite nicely…

Wet snow event

Wet snow event

333_365 Guitars

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