Food for Thought

Day 335

Really getting into the home stretch now…

365a_365 GuitarsGrocery shopping can be a depressing experience.  Let’s face it.  Groceries are good.  Good to have in the house when it looks like snow is coming.  Very comforting.  But grocery stores are something else again.  Grocery stores are where you go go buy work.  A more positive spin might be that they are where you go to buy a work-out, but really, that’s just playing with your head.  Work.  Select the items, put them in the basket.  Take them from the basket, put them on the belt.  Put the bags in the basket.  Put the bags in the car.  Take the bags from the car.  Put the items away.  Work, secured.

More depressing still is to be shopping in a store that is closing at the end of the month.  Nevermind that I have shopped in the same place for essentially 30 years – wandering around a store with dwindling stock on the shelves seems un-American.  I got great deals on essential items – spices and coffee and cat food and beans and rice and sugar and whatever, but it felt a little like whistling in a graveyard.  A lot of good people going to be without work in the dead of winter…a lot to think about in the middle of the Christmas season…the extreme lighting was a choice for this guitar…335_365 Guitars

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