Delusions of Simplicity

Day 336

If there was ever a day to video the creation of one of these guitars, this would have been the morning.  Lights on strings are notoriously uncooperative, and getting them to conform to a shape is a very special form of entertainment.  The experience can only be said to be enhanced if three cats discover that strings of lights can be hilarious.  Such a simple concept rendered into  a Sisyphean task by and for the amusement of cats.  I was lucky to get it photographed before the sun comes up – and before the cats landed in the center of it and scattered it yet again.  Now that it is safely on the computer, I can say that it was funny…but there were a few moments when I was, perhaps less amused by having 26 pounds of Maine Coon, and his smaller friends rolling around in the middle of my project.  336_365 Guitars

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