Sweet Revenge

Day 337

Having the cats mess with me while I was ‘working’ yesterday made me think somewhat more logically about a guitar for this morning.  While they were all engaged in their breakfast, I laid out a small trap for them.  A catnip guitar might not be fair, exactly, but well – as much as cats hate to be caught looking ridiculous…it just proves the rule that it makes no sense to get mad when you can get even.  I just want these two trying to explain to a prospective employer these obvious drug party photos…Benjamin was the only one I didn’t catch – he hit and ran – and hit and ran – and is bouncing around on the ceiling of the second floor right now…he’s like lightning, that one…

337b_365 Guitars

Lily gets there first…

337a_365 Guitars

Stack is a real party boy…

337_365 Guitars


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