Holiday Time

Day 340

Today is a splendid day to get some international students over and bake up some Christmas cookies.  Never mind that Christmas is not their tradition, religious or otherwise.  They want to bake cookies.  I (mostly) only bake cookies once a year.  They want to bake with me.  So Christmas cookies it is.

I bake shortbread and Snickerdoodles and oatmeal cookies and coconut macaroons.  I sometimes bake molasses cookies and chocolate chip cookies.  But mostly the first three.  Sugar cookies that are beautifully decorated are better bought from the bakery – I went yesterday to Peace of Cake in Stevensville, Maryland and bought all I need.  I have little patience for icing and sugar sprinkles, let alone resting, refrigerating, rolling and cutting dough.  Nope, much more of a drop cookie person…and the shortbread goes into a mold.  I tell myself that it isn’t laziness, but instead it is about standing back and letting experts do what they do best.  I like to think I can do that sometimes.

340A_365 Guitars

I’m calling this a design decision. I don’t know what to call the vacant space where these were when I took the photo…

340_365 Guitars

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