To Please the Bibliophile

Day 341

Acoustic guitars are curvaceous.  I’ve seen some uncomfortable looking electrics, but acoustics remain (insofar as I know) pretty much rounded.  Coming up with one made from books is not so simple – most books remain angular.  I used to have one, years ago that was an atlas of the world and round – it was impossible to shelve…probably wasn’t designed to ever go on a shelf, but since the world it held grew outdated, I got rid of it – should have kept it as I think about it now – would have made a great first piece of a guitar, if nothing else, and the world between its covers is a matter now of history, and to some extent, nostalgia.

So I am left with a book guitar that is not really different from one made out of cigar boxes, I guess…square edges that will not encourage long hours of practice…341_365 Guitars_5862


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