A Winter’s Tale

Day 342

Somewhere along the line, someone gave me a small concrete sleeping pig at a dinner party.  I put it on the hearth because that was near the table.  I turned and one of the cats was asleep in front of the fire using the pig as a pillow.  15 or so years later, the pig is still on the hearth where it has been joined by sleeping concrete cats, similarly in use as head props for spoiled beasts.  I think they like it when the concrete absorbs the warmth of the fire in the winter, and in summer, how the concrete stays cool.  What do I know?

So I was checking to see if yesterday’s fire was out enough to close the vent this morning.  That fire burned for two days, and no, is not out quite enough.  Giving it a stir woke up embers that are enough to bring the fire back to life for another day, except that it is studio day and I’m not quite ready for that.  I will see when I get home if the day is still right.  I have some cooking to do.  I like a fire burning when I’m working in the kitchen. OK, the point is, that I saw the cats.  I can’t get the live ones to lay together like that, (not in a million years!) so I’m going with the concrete models….

Now, to studio and then home to build a fire and make some chili.342_365Guitars


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