Basket Case

Day 344

I’m running like the seventh day of an eight day clock today – it is 61 degrees and raining which is  rather unexpected weather in this part of the country.  Other places are getting wicked weather – ours is (so far) just curious.  But it has me hitting every minute a millisecond late, I think, which is going to add up to something by the end of the day.  Alright.  I could have just said that I’m way late in my day getting this done, but what fun would it have been to merely state the obvious?

The truth is, with so few left to do, I was vamping this morning, hoping for a flash of inspiration.  Then, at the kitchen sink, the bread basket over my head fell on said head, and a guitar was born.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.344_365 Guitars


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