Not Snowbound, But I Could Be…

Day 346

346a_365 GuitarsI finally got around to making that chili (carne con chili.)  This is not a small endeavor, nor are the resulting gallons and gallons of chili taken for granted.  In my book, chili is best cooked over a campfire in which some sage brush is burned.  Barring that, it must at very least be eaten from a camper’s enamelware bowls, and preferably with enameled spoons.  Ok, it counts to use enameled serving spoons and eat with something more normal…unless you are around that campfire.  It is one of my earliest memories, eating chili from a pot hung on a tripod above a campfire.  There is a sound to it that is a nutritional music.  Some things just stay with you.  Now I have the urge to bake bread.  Oh!  How I love winter!346_365 Guitars


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