Making the Best of “Things”

Day 350

The math on this is getting far too easy – even for me…350_365 Guitars

This curious guitar is made up of everything else that could go wrong on the darkest and longest night of the year – the darkest long night of the next 500 years they say as we experienced a full lunar eclipse on the solstice – so a fitting under the sink that allows the dishwasher to communicate and drain through the garbage disposal was either nibbled through or blew out – either way, oh, yay!  Guests due to arrive and water everywhere.  No way to get a new fitting, even with David standing in Home Depot and sending the guys a photo…they can’t sell him what they do not have.  Amazing, though, the option of sending a photo when a description o f Y fitting (two 5/8″ pressure clamped hoses on one side, one 3/4″ hose clamp on the garbage disposal side, silicone…) won’t do…still, if they don’t have it, they don’t have it.  Tomorrow is another day, so there is no real use in getting all worked up about it.  Turn the dishwasher off, set the hoses down into a bucket to drain, and go about business.  Mop up the water, bake cornbread.  Simple enough.  If I have to make a dress out of the draperies – I’m going with the Mackey design that includes the rods…awkward, yes, but I loved that dress on Carol Burnett…but in the meantime – a guitar is born.  By now, I’m getting a little knowledge about birthing these things…

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