Freshly Fallen

Day 356

356a_365 GuitarsOne of my favorite places to go in winter is to Quebec City for Carnival.  Folks from all over the world together to shiver, sing, drink, dogsled, and sleep in the ice hotel.  I’m sorry.  I’m just not sure you could pile enough caribou skins on

356_365 Guitars

that ice bed to make me totally comfortable (although in summer, I think somewhat longingly about it) nor do I think you could pour enough of the festival drink, likewise a “Caribou” in me to make me totally happy about that decision – at least the following morning.  Still, I love the city in winter.  They know how to do winter – the ferry across the St. Laurence is breaking ice the entire way, the fires are burning in hotels, restaurants and bars, and there is a place to leave dripping hats and jackets at every door.  You can wander around in the sub zero temperatures with a snow cone of fresh maple syrup or duck in for fondue at La Grolla.  But one of the best things is the ice/snow carving.  Teams from everywhere competing for the most elaborate and intricate sculptures that have been chopped and cut and shaved from enormous blocks of snow…they are astounding.  OK, I’ve talked myself into it.  I want to go.  Again.  It makes February make so much more sense, in a way.  Forget Rio.  Ice Carnival, yes!  In the meantime, I will play with what we have here – and dream of a guitar carved out of ice 50 feet tall …



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