Variations on Winter

Day 357

357a_365 GuitarsI’m still thinking about Quebec.  This has something to do with being confronted with the teeth of winter, yes, but curiously that has me thinking more about the great things of winter rather than the less great, like, maybe digging the snow out from under the car when it is high centered in the driveway – but enough about yesterday…

I remember drinking shooters of Courvoisier and Gran Marnier from shot glasses made of ice in the bar at the ice hotel.  I can’t tell you how long it took me to find the mold to make those shot glasses – it seemed like just the 357b_365 Guitarsbest thing in the world.  Wait, yes, it is the best thing in the world.  Anyway, this gets me thinking how nice it would be to have a bunch of ice cubes in the shape of a guitar.  I don’t have a mold for that (yet).  So I think, but I have a cookie cutter, and I have snow…I have to be at least half way there already.

As with many of my ideas, the concept is better than the creation.  The snow was too fluffy, or too cold, or too dry, or most definitely too something to play nice with my notions.  I would have needed 20 cookie cutters to make the number of frozen guitars that might have had an impact.  Oh, and considerably more patience.  Barring that, well, I have one…and it kind of fits in an ice shot glass…357_365 Guitars

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