Never Leave Home Without the Cell Phone

Day 358

358_365 Guitars

It was really the only possible title.  Here I am, breaking all creative at breakfast with an absolutely gorgeous eggs Benedict and when I reach for the phone to take the photo – nah.  Don’t have it.  So I grab my husband’s phone thinking, “well, not such a good image, but captured none the less” only to find that his abhorrence of all things technology has led me at some point to disable messaging.  OK, so I will just transfer from the phone when I get home.  Never really factored in Samsung and Apple not being on speaking terms.  So I have done the best I could with what I have.  I can say, though, that Monica at The Kitchen in Rock Hall knows something about eggs Benedict.  It is really worthy of a much better photo … certainly better than a shot of a shot…

358a_365 Guitars

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