Ice Capades

Day 360

Back before Disney took over every aspect of an ice skating extravaganza for children, there were the Ice Capades.  Begun in 1940, the show finally went out of business around 1995.  Featuring Olympic and national skaters, it was a part of a long ago, perfectly charmed childhood that I remember, but probably never existed.  We were so poor.  My mother was a single mother with four kids in Denver; working as a waitress.  It was a magical time. (Never let anyone tell you that perspective is not important.) For awhile, she dated a photographer from the Denver Post.  I have a newspaper clipping of her draped in the “new” Colorado state flag – and that liaison was probably the reason that I was named “Miss Community Chest” – which, by the way, was not an easy thing to deal with in my 20’s – but that is quite an aside…but oh, yes, the Ice Capades.  This photographer would get us tickets – and they were right in front, on the ice.  I remember once being the kids they plucked out of the crowd to be pulled around in sleds on the ice…well, remember may be too strong a word, but I have impressions of speed and cold and laughing crowds that have stayed with me lo! these many years.

I am beginning to understand why I love winter.360_365 Guitars

So the wind is howling this morning and the fire is built and the cocoa made and raspberry Danish kringle is heated and eaten.  And hydrogen peroxide freezes quite nicely if you spray it onto a frozen copper surface.  I am likely to have a guitar there for a couple of days.360a_365 Guitars

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