The Poinsettia Dilemma

Day 363

I heard recently that it was wrong somehow to clean up the Christmas decorations before 3 January.  I know people who leave them up until Valentines Day.  In a normal year, I believe in getting it all put away by Boxing Day…but here I am in this most unusual year still mucking about with them on January 10.

Poinsettias are always a problem for me.  As a gardener, and a sentient being, it is difficult for me to discard a living plant, and basically, to treat them as decorations.  So I don’t buy them.  But at Christmas time, they come.  I have one friend who gives me one that almost makes it easy…a purple, glittered poinsettia has never been seen in nature.  It is a signature item, and I’m always delighted to be a part of the small group that receives one because it is a gift of identity in such a touching and loving way.  This year, I can make use of this gift in a very different way, all guilt assuaged.  Win-win…  363_365 Guitars

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