Epilogue – Part One

Day 366

As the sun is burning the frost off the barn, I am facing the end of what has turned out to be a surprise that has lasted a year.  I find that I am not really organized in my thoughts about finishing – a little liberated, a little sad.  I am not even able to write this in quite the straightforward manner I usually employ…indicative, I suppose, of the slight emotional dilemma.  So the surprises keep coming…

366_365 Guitars

One year ago, on the 13th, I started this adventure with 365 Guitars.  I had no idea on that day if I would last it a day, or twenty days, or, as it turned out, 365 plus one.  I have had mornings when I could not wait to create the guitar I’d dreamed about all night, and mornings when I dreaded getting out of bed because the obligation to create was weighing heavily on my mind.  I have made some guitars that in retrospect are not creations at all, and I have made some that astound me for various reasons.  It could be the simplicity or the complexity, the natural or unnatural nature of the materials, or the speed with which the concept came to mind.  In all cases I have to acknowledge a creative force that is much larger than I am, and I am happy to do so.

So I decided, in these days that round out the poetry for me to wander back through my year and find the pieces that I like the best.  I find that it is hard to do – in some cases, it is the story behind the work that makes the piece for me, which does not necessarily make them the best of the lot.  So I have chosen ten.  That they are totally random will be obvious, I guess, and in this case, I am choosing on looks alone.  Tomorrow I might choose an entirely different line up.  But for now:

  27_365 Guitars                322_365 Guitars                26_365 Guitars Impressionists                33_365 Guitars                 22_365 Guitars


Now, lest I wax nostalgic, I can rejoice in knowing that the guitars from the outside will keep coming.  Yesterday, in a post from France, Martine sent me:



  1. One of my favorite posts. The end of a saga of creative pursuit that took part in a much larger saga of epic creative accomplishments.

    • I know you can…and now I actually have to deal with them 🙂 I can honestly say, however, that I will miss most the interaction with people. I have met some awesome folks along the way.

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