The Last Hurrah

Although I am not usually one for long goodbyes, this project is a tough one to let go.  But here are the final five of the top ten.  Then I am done.  I have plans to spend some time wondering what comes next.  Thank you everyone.  It seems likely that the next time I’m writing it will be on my long neglected other blog – Wayward Pioneer.  Of course this means that I will have to get back out on the road, and I have to say that day trips are looking pretty good right now.  Hope to see you there.  Hurrah!
                    197_365 Guitars                                   356_365 Guitars                                    336_365 Guitars                                    343_365 Guitars                                    244_365 Guitars


  1. Wait. That’s it?!?! I want a do-over. Can you start at 1 all over again?

    Seriously, I’ve loved this whole project you’ve taken on. Loved it. Also, I am really happy to have stumbled across your corner of the world.

    • Likewise, David. Sincerely. I’ll be checking in on your blogs to keep up with you – only one day without all of this and I’m missing it already. In the meantime, check out the art website – – it gives me a means to send you an email address and keep in touch. I like the way you think 🙂

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