What is it about Thursday?

In a just and perfect world, this would be my driveway.  I’m not sure I want quite all of the rest of the place – a side effect of living in a 300 year old house is that I am able, with laser-like clarity, to recognize the maintenance nightmare that is a place any larger than 950 square feet set on a postage stamp.  Still, the driveway would be really, really cool.  But just in case any of you are in the market – it could be yours…Many thanks, Morgan!

Guitar Drive

And the Hits Keep Coming

It is Thursday

I have something to do if Spring ever arrives.  This was posted to the Face Book page “Guitar Control”.  Now I want one.  Zen, musical, all kinds of happy things.  Yes.  I will dig down and set the stones properly.  I will enhance the soil and plant grasses mixed with chamomile.  I will contemplate.  I will do some of those things.  Really.  The fountain is a nice touch.

Guitar Garden