Still Missing the Daily Grind

Greetings and good morning!

I had thought that after 365 times of getting up to create a guitar and coming up with something to say with my creation that I would be so over it when it was done.  I’m not.  Curiously I miss the discussion more than the creation – as I’m off creating something else most days anyway.  So I always appreciate a random guitar if for no other reason than I might get it “out there” and have a chance to reconnect with some of the people who were reading 365 Guitars on a steady basis.

So I was delighted to come across this photo of Guitar Lake somewhere in the Sierra Nevada.  I have a new destination for my list.  I think I’ll try to find it on Google Earth and pinpoint the location a little better – and I’m going to guess that it will look pretty good from space.  Guitar Lake

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