Electric Blue

So, show of hands.  Who did not know that I would get back to making guitars some day?  Okay, I may have been the only one, but I was wrong.  A week ago or so I remembered that as of tomorrow I am to turn in something for a local show called “Electric Dreams” which was just intriguing enough for me to want to get involved.  So I rattled around in the studio and came up with any number of guitars, but only one that would really lend itself to being wired to light up.  I found lights on Amazon and went to work.  Turns out that sewing a string of lights onto a rat wire guitar is at the very least tedious, but I was on a mission.

Remember the rat wire guitar planter thingy?  Not terribly successful as the peacocks seem to think that it is a foreign object that must be regularly assaulted, but the extra piece I cut was hanging around.  It turned out to be a fun project in the end, though I went to work on it this morning by 9 and was informed that it was 4:30, it would seem in the next hour.  So the piece is ready for delivery tomorrow…”Electric Blue”.

As a bonus, I have the paper I used to protect the table top while I painted.  They bring back to me the entire 365 Project, and the Blue Guitar series, all at once.  Feels good.


Electric Blue all lit up

Electric Blue as a Night Light

Electric Blue

Electric Blue Very Poorly Represented

Side Effect

Side Effect


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