Create Every Day

Okay, it sort of goes without saying that my days don’t really come with a handy template.  I have a million things to do, but usually a flexible enough schedule that I can chose which of them I will attempt to accomplish.  The last three days have been dedicated to the relocation of tadpoles and frogs from the pool cover to their very own woodland pond.  It is a bigger job than it should be.  I didn’t open the pool last year, opting instead to wait for the frogs to hatch and then the tads to get to a point where I could move them – and then never quite getting around to it.  This year – I’m wondering why I didn’t procrastinate again.  There is no exercise at any gym that can prepare you for botanical muck dipping, sorting and tossing…well, alright, I wouldn’t actually know that, but I can assume.  I have definitely awaken some monsters that are roaming the musculature of my body…loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate monsters that make me glad, for the nonce, that I don’t have anyone here to share the pain.  It would not make for a relaxed evening at all.

BUT, I captured and moved both the King of the Frogs and the Frog Prince and about 10 dozen tadpoles in all stages of development.  I kept wishing I had a kid there to help me – they would have loved to see evolution in action.  Of course, I say this thinking of myself as a kid.  There is no electronic component to tadpoles….

But it was a lovely thing to day these past couple of wonderful spring days….if not for the screaming muscles, I would be like, so totally zen right now.

Frog Princw

Frog Prince

King of the Frogs

King of the Frogs

Into the woods

The new palace



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