back stage Grand Ol' Opry 2 June 2014

The guitars keep coming – out of the goodness of my friends and readers, and out of my head…I’m going to say there is a chance I won’t ever get away from them entirely.

The contribution from Cheri in California is backstage at the Grand Ol’ Opry – a very nice line of guitars indeed.  I’m wondering about getting one of those racks for home – although it would be something between never and no way that I would ever need such a thing.  It would be a wish/dream thing only…and perhaps not the one on which I should focus first.


The painting, on the other hand, is called “Muses” and was produced for an upcoming show at the local arts league gallery show which is about art and music.  Hmm.  I wonder just where my head is supposed to go with that one?  It is mixed media – the guitars painted on paper which was then applied to the canvas.