A Really Cool Thing – 365 Guitars Nominated for the Sunshine Award

A couple of days ago, I received notification from another blogger who has been following the progress of the 365 Guitars – Sounds Like Orange – they like what they are seeing and have nominated this blog for a Sunshine Blog Award.  I’m a neophyte blogger to the point that I’m not really sure what that is, but it is very, very warm and fuzzy to be nominated…And, if elected I will…well, there are a series of responsibilities that come with this, as they should.

First off:  you have to go take a look at Sounds Like Orange where you can read everything from the lighthearted to the seriously intense – always, always creative.  Many, many thanks for the nomination and the nod 🙂

    Here are the rules…
.      1.  Include the award logo in your post or on your blog  (Check!)
       2.  Answer 10 questions about yourself – You can made up your own or you can use mine (Check!)

        3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other wonderful bloggers (Check!)

        4.  Let the other nominees know they are nominated and include links to their blog (Check! I think!)

        5.  Link the person who nominated you (Check!)

It all seems easy enough, doesn’t it?  And yet…there are ten questions about myself to compose and answer…

10 Questions

1.  What is your favorite quote?

in 1952 Alistair Cooke, a British journalist wrote a book called “One Man’s America” about his trip through the States.  I read the book at least 40 years ago, so I don’t remember much from it except that it was upbeat and gave me the quote that has guided my life ever since.  It hangs on my wall and I read it every day.

“In the best of times out days are numbered anyway.  And so it would be a crime against nature for any generation to take the world crisis so solemnly that it put of enjoying those things for which we were presumably designed in the first place…the opportunity to do good work, to fall in love, to enjoy friends, to hit a ball, and to bounce a baby.”

2.  Good grief!  How old are you anyway?


3.  What do you do besides make up guitars and blog them?

I play one, I sing, I write songs – sort of an early form of blogging, really.  I also paint – a lot.  Abstracts mostly because that’s what makes me happy.  Color.  Lots of color.  I travel when I can.  I tend to my household; my husband, my dogs, cats, and peacocks.  I live a vast and wonderful life for which I am grateful every minute of every day.  Oh – and I have a business…I’m an interior designer every once in awhile 🙂

4.  What book makes you giggle every time you think of it?

A Short History of a Small Place” by T.R. Pearson.  It is exactly the kind of book I need to get me out of myself and right in the middle of people I know.

5.  What is most often on your “to do” list?

I journal everyday, and a part of that is my “to do” list.  The things that always, always go on the list are:  Be grateful.  Be generous.  Be kind.  Be respectful.  Be loyal.  Be honest.  Be creative.  Be loving.  Be joyous.  Be hopeful.  Clean the cat box.

6.  What was your most recent favorite book?

The Greater Journey:  Americans in Paris by David McCullough – it was informative and inspiring all at once.  Of course, it makes me want to live for awhile in Paris, but so does getting up in the morning.

7.  Posh or plain?

I like both extremes.  Most of the time I live in clothes that are covered, in varying degrees, with paints of all colors.  It feels good, every once in awhile, to put on big girl shoes and go out on the town.  It could be another question, really, about city or country, but that would be sort of cheating – I live in the country and from time to time, just have to go “do” city.  Ooh, having said that, I feel some city coming on…

8.  What is your best intellectual attribute?

I’m curious.  That being said, I’m also pretty much willing to try new things, and even some things that scare me.  I push myself to get beyond the kind of stage fright that comes with new things – it is a whole lot better to not do something because I have tried it and don’t like it than not to do something because it sounds scary.

9.  What about you needs the most improvement?

I’m so lazy.  With concentrated effort I could be more successful, more notorious, more…more.  But I’m a kind of proof that art doesn’t have to come from agony…  I mean, there are days when I’d like to have enough angst or ambition or whatever to get my web page done, but…oh look!  It’s Haley’s Comet!

10.  Do you really think you will be able to do 365 Guitars?

To tell you the truth, I only do one guitar.  That I am able to do one guitar everyday is a kind of little gift – doing battle against my lazy nature and embracing my fear of the unknown.  I’m loving the run 🙂

3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other wonderful bloggers
The fact is that I don’t get around to reading many blogs – or really, that I have only started reading them as I am getting comments from folks on my work.  I like to check out who is being so awesome to me, so barring the chance to nominate Sounds Like Orange,  I’d have to list the following:
Paris Breakfasts  provides me with art, travel, food, reading material, and most importantly (at the moment) got me hooked on the 365 Project
Austin Kleon gave me permission to Steal Like an Artist – the blog is always filled with interesting leads that can take me in totally unexpected directions
David Kanigan  always gives me something beautiful or interesting to consider on his blog Lead.Learn.Live
Mixed Tape Masterpiece takes me back to music I may have forgotten – has more than once had me tying my ankles off to something and diving into my music collection…for better or worse
Working Mans Paradise can often find just exactly the right inspiration for me – the best of which is still Calvin and Hobbes “Happiness isn’t good enough for me!  I demand euphoria!”
Alunatunes – always lots of fun stuff music related and everything else…uplifting 🙂
I’m going to have to leave it at that – and they are all great.  I am collecting blogs carefully…there is a limit to the time I can spend upright in a day, and each of these fine folks demand a fair amount of attention…and Sounds Like Orange has a new post to read 🙂



  1. Hopeful, joyful, and the cat box? You’re a rare one to combine those effectively!

    For the record, that “I only do one guitar” quote? Awesome. I try so hard to think that way. I freeze if I don’t. I freeze too often, sometimes because of the weather, but, more often, just because it’s too easy to forget that all it is one metaphorical guitar.

    Great answers!

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