Black Magic

Day 90

After an entire morning of being locked out of the internet by inclement weather, I am up and anxious to post a guitar.  It is strange how it has become so much a part of my routine that it throws me out of kilter until I get the job done.  Of course, to my knowledge, I have never actually been “in kilter” so that may be a moot point.


Anyway, after complaining loudly and roundly about the white plaster guitar form, I discovered, as is often the case when I get to complaining about things, that it was not the actual form, but my perspective that was being so annoying.  I found black gesso and gave the entire piece a coating, and in so doing, discovered that the creative block I was experiencing vis-a-vis (which I only throw in because I can) this thing was that I had focused on the preformed expectations.  I was instantly transported when I turned it over to a whole new world of possibility.  Now I want to make more of them…I have plans.  Life is good again.

90_365 Guitars


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